Packaging Machines


The Stick Pack Packaging Machine for High Outputs is an intermittent movement machine for tubular bags sealed on three sides and used in different product sectors.
The Stick Pack Packaging Machine fitted with suitable dosing systems and can pack any kind of product: solid, powder, granular, liquid, viscous products, along with tablets and individual items.
The Stick Pack Packaging Machine employs a single heat-sealing film reel and the film is subsequently cut in the desired number of lines.
Its touch-screen control and movements ensured by servomotors allow for high reliability and make this packaging machine extremely easy to use.
The reliability and innovation of Packaging Machines by MF Packaging, combined with our guaranteed after-sales support, are company benefits we offer to our clients and thanks to them we became a leading company in the packaging and wrapping sector.

Macchine Confezionatrici Stick
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