CKD: Single-dose packaging of pharmaceutical products


Founded in 1941, CKD is a leading biotech and pharmaceutical company in Korea and a leading Korean pharmaceutical manufacturer. It became the first Korean pharmaceutical company to export products to the US market through obtaining US FDA approval.

Over the past decade, Chong KunDang has partnered with multinationals such as Bayer, Roche, Allergan Pfizer and MSD and Amgen and, as a result, Chong Kun Dang has unrivaled leadership in the local market, reinforced by its strong product portfolio which it now covers a wide range of therapeutic classes with innovative and exceptional drugs.
Their high-tech manufacturing facility, the Cheon-An factory located in Cheon-An City, Chung Cheong Nam Do, has an area of ​​68,901m² and a gross floor area of ​​146,296m². production, packaging and release of finished products is controlled by an automated storage system.

Needs and objectives

CKD’s need was to adopt a complete and integrated packaging solution, able to offer maximum production capacity and maximum flexibility in the number of sticks for each carton. All in compliance with the needs of the pharmaceutical market and in compliance with the regulations of the pharma industry.

The solution proposed by MF PACKAGING

To meet the customer’s request, MF Packaging proposed the complete ISTICK packaging line.

Used in various product sectors, this machine packs cartons containing a certain number of stick packs already counted and inserted, arranged both in an orderly and disorderly manner.

The different dosing systems allow you to package any type of product: granular and powder, liquid and pasty.

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Benefits obtained by the customer

Continuous innovation and cutting-edge technology are the basis of this project which has led to the creation of a complete line of innovative packaging and cartoning, with a high technological level and perfectly suited to customer needs. Among the main advantages:

  • Flexibility in counting for each box: with a quick format change in 30 minutes, MF allows you to insert any amount of stick in the box.
  • Produce cartons at maximum speed according to the counts: based on the number of sticks per carton, the cartoner produces them with alternating or continuous motion.
  • Simple and ergonomic CIP: the dosing system is cleaned with a circulation or continuous flow system, without having to perform disassembly operations.
  • Laser scoring on film and OCR: Laser for the easy opening of the stick-pack sachet and for the marking of variable data, verified with optical character recognition
  • Thanks to an ergonomic opening system, both vertical and horizontal sealing bars are easy to clean.

Experience and Reliability are the keys to the success of the collaboration between CKD and MF PACKAGING which has allowed the creation of a machine that meets the expectations and needs of the customer.


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