Single-dose packaging machines for food

MF food packaging machines meet all the hygienic-sanitary requisites foreseen by the CE food legislation, relative to the materials in contact with the product.

At the customer’s request, the machines can be integrated with printers, weighers, metal detectors, and can be combined with cartoning machines and flow-packs.


Technical features

  • High performance, precision and reliability
  • Dosing, sterilization and cleaning systems without disassembly
  • UV lamps
  • Coding and quality control
  • Integrated packaging lines
  • Touch screen and ease of use
  • Low energy consumption

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_ Single-dose sachets

Types of food packaging

MF Packaging single-dose packaging machines realize food packaging in different types: bags sealed on 4 or 3 sides, stick-pack food sachets, sachets with strips or shaped sachets.

Our customers ask us for single-dose packaging machines for all types of food packaging. Single-dose packaging machine for yeasts

Single-dose packaging machine for yeasts

We manufacture packaging machines capable of producing single-dose sachets of yeast for both bread and cakes, customized and in different types of packaging according to the customer's needs.

Custom sachets and in different types of packaging depending on the customer's request.

Single-dose packaging machine for condiments

Our packaging machines are able to produce single-dose sachets for oil, salt, pepper or condiments such as ketchup and mayonnaise.

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