14 May

Mf New Look


Advanced technology, Continues research, New Perspectives.
MF Packaging machinery, company in constant growth, with an eye to new technology and forward-looking.
In synergy with new company view, focused in technology growth and implemented with the production of new packaging machines, we wanted a new web site, with a renovated artwork and superior usability, able to better communicate our core business and value our company mission dedicated to a continuous renovation.
Complete restyle of our website, with a captivating pattern to value the quality of our packaging machine, friendly web surfing and easy for the end-user who wants to discover MF reality.
The latest innovation represented by the system to configure the MF machine in Home Page, give immediately to the end user the chance to see the high numbers of possibilities that our machines offer.
Furthermore a section dedicated to the news, will keep updates on the news and events in MF.


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