CEDEFINDO: Single-dose packaging for hair products


Founded in 1981, CEDEFINDO is one of the leading companies in Indonesia specializing in the production, marketing and trading of cosmetic and herbal products.

In 1993 CEDEFINDO was acquired by the Martina Berto company, a reference point in the field of cosmetics in Indonesia with several production plants that reach international quality standards to meet the needs of a vast clientele in various market segments.

Needs and objectives

The partnership between CEDEFINDO (Martina Berto group) and MF stems from the customer’s request to adopt a customized packaging solution, designed on the basis of a construction concept that guarantees production flexibility and high operational efficiency.

The goal was to create the packaging of single-dose sachets of hair products. The solution proposed by MF Packaging

The goal was to create the packaging of single-dose sachets of hair products. The solution proposed by MF Packaging

To meet the customer’s request, MF Packaging has proposed one of the best performing packaging machines for liquid products: the 4SP single-dose packaging machine.

The 4-seal vertical multiline packaging machine is equipped with a specific dosing system for filling creamy and pasty products. The gravity liquid dosing system allows accurate dose adjustment.

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Benefits obtained by the customer

The 4SP single-dose packaging machine has allowed the customer to obtain many advantages, among these certainly is having a single-dose packaging machine available:

  • reliable, simple to use and with a linear and compact design that makes it very easy to clean
  • that changes format between rectangular and tube shapes: possibility of producing both standard and
    a special and customized shape
  • equipped with a dispenser for a wide range of cosmetic products: the MF technology allows you to dose products with a high viscosity ranges.

Experience and Reliability are the keys to the success of the collaboration between Cedefindo and MF Packaging which has allowed the creation of a machine that meets the expectations and needs of the customer.


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