iPack Flow 

Packaging line consisting of a 4-seal packaging machine, a feeder/counting/stacking system, as well as a horizontal flow pack unit. Used in various product sectors it makes bags containing a stack of single-portion bags heat-sealed on four sides , which are counted or arranged in an orderly manner inside it. By using different batching systems, you can pack any kind of product: granular, powder, liquid and pasty items. Thanks to its drive unit, entirely managed by brushless motors and a touch-screen operator manual, it is fully synchronised and ensures consistently high efficiency on the line. Reliable and easy to use, it does not require too much maintenance or qualified personnel. Option of installing the remote support system to control or make changes to the management software. Its nice compact design makes it very easy to clean.




Technical Details


Technical features:

No of lines: from 2 to 10

Max reel diameter: 500 mm

Max reel length 1200 mm

Bag length: variable from 30mm to 250mm

Bag width: fixed, because it is shaped

Production speed: up to 80 cycles/min

Max volume that can be packaged: 300 cm3

Drive unit: Brushless motors

MF offers the chance to design, together with its clients, a full system to package stick packs in tailor-made cases.

The lines can be fitted with all the devices require both by the food and the pharmaceutical industry.

All the devices require both by the food and the pharmaceutical industry:
Batching device with introduction of inert gases
remote support via modem or Ethernet
Computerised monitoring of the production process of the line with customised processing of data detected
Dynamic weight control of boxes produced at the end of the line
Warranty seal on boxes made with hot-melt glue points or application of an adhesive label
Variable data marking: ink-jet, laser or ink with typographical or dry pressed type characters
System to feed the product to the batching devices
All parts that come in contact with the product are made with stainless steel or materials approved for use in the food, chemical or pharmaceutical industry
The structure is entirely made with stainless steel compliant with GMP criteria (ease of cleaning) and EC/FDA rules
Minimal overall clearance: a single operator can monitor the entire line, which is easy to use



Technical details

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