Portion Pack Europe: Single-dose packaging of food products


Portion Pack Europe is a joint venture of specialists in the field of single-serving packs and the largest manufacturer and supplier of single-serving packs in Europe

The production sites are located in several countries and together the group sells about 15 billion portions a year.

Protion Pack Europe has become the European market leader in single-portion packs thanks to innovation, know-how and high quality that meet the different needs of the market.

Within the group, one of the main players is VAN OORDT The Portion Company, in the Netherlands. Founded in 1734, it has become one of the largest producers of single-dose packs on the continent.

With the two large production sites of Oud Beijerland and Landgraaf, Van Oordt manages the entire production process, from design to packaging and distribution of single-portion packs. Today Van Oordt has around 200 employees and sells around seven billion single-dose packs a year to a large and growing clientele.

Needs and objectives

Portion Pack Europe turned to MF with the need to explore automated solutions for the production of envelopes aimed at improving productivity and output quality.

The collaboration with the factories in Spain, England, South Africa and in particular with the Netherlands with the Van Oordt brand has allowed the customer to purchase the LaMille model, the best performing sachet machine in the world.

The solution proposed by MF Packaging

To meet the customer’s request, MF Packaging has proposed one of the best performing packaging machines for granular products: the La Mille single-dose packaging machine.

A revolution from a technological and innovative point of view: equipped with high reliability of mechanical components, it guarantees lower investment costs for the same production capacity.

This single-dose packaging machine is the result of 20 years of investment in Research and Development.

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Benefits obtained by the customer


Thanks to its configuration and detailed engineering mainly designed for this model, it is possible to obtain a much more compact installation, reduce the space required for operation and save about 30% of energy for the movement of rotating motorized parts.

A great advantage in terms of cost savings is also represented by the operation with a single technician able to drive a two-reel technology thanks to the compact frame of the machine and the user-friendly graphic interface that is easy to use for the operator.

The high level of technology applied to La Mille has made it possible to build and develop a specific machine that maximizes production capacity and, at the same time, reliability, low maintenance, optimization of functional spaces and reduction of operating costs.

Tailor-made technology and innovation are the combination that has allowed MF to respond perfectly to the customer’s need for an innovative and highly performing system.


International leader in the packaging sector, we produce and market multi-track packaging machines and packaging lines for the packaging of solid, liquid, powdery, granular and tablet single-dose products.

Our single-dose packaging machines are built on the basis of the most recent results of electronic and mechanical engineering, designed and manufactured with a design concept that guarantees extremely high production efficiency that minimizes maintenance. Various ranges and models of packaging machines and fully automatic lines to meet your every need. With 35 years of experience and over 450 machines installed all over the world, we can help you find the right solution for a customized, high-tech and highly efficient product.

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