MF PACKAGING provides assistance and support to its customers during the sale and after-sales service, to ensure quality and professionalism, in a sign of the company’s tradition.

MF PACKAGING provides to the customers initial technical advice for:

  • Customised solutions for each project
  • Feasibility studies and skilled advice
  • 3D simulations for the production of prototypes

Research and development department to ensure efficient and innovative solutions

  • Consultancy for the choice of packaging material
  • Customized product test
  • Study and consultancy for implementation of our equipment within the destination plants (both existing and new business)

Internal production process:

Quality control of each component installed

  • Production planning and control
  • Remote analysis of production data
  • Materials coded to ensure traceability
  • Project managers for coordination and support of every project
  • Planning agenda of visit to verify and discuss the work in progress
  • Machine software customized
  • a several-decade-long experience make available to our customers

The technical staff supports customers with assistance with:

  • technical support via on-site visit
  • technical support via Skype
  • remote Assistance via Ethernet
  • installation commissioning and operator training
  • Service of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and assistance contracts
  • Spare parts warehouse with over 10,000 codes always ready to dispatch
  • Coding of all components for the immediate and unambiguous identification of spare parts


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