We manufacture Packaging Machine and Packaging line for sachets and shaped sachets for various kinds of products and product sectors.
Vertical Packaging Machine create various packing machine formats: bags sealed on 4 or 3 sides, stick packs, strip and shaped bags as well.
The bags can be used to pack a wide variety of products: sugar, coffee, yeast, mayonnaise, ketchup and honey for the food sector; powder, liquids, granular products and tablets for the pharmaceutical sector; shampoos, lotions, powder-based products for the cosmetics sector; detergents, rat killers and other products for the chemical industry.
Packaging Machine by MF PACKAGING also make sachets for single part, such as single portions of eye drops or spoon and stirrer for coffee/ice cream.
The know-how acquired over the years and projected into the future thanks to our ongoing technological research led MF PACKAGING Vertical Packaging Machine become a sector leader in the flexible film packaging.

  • Stick Pack for High Productivity
  • 4 SEALS
  • Stick Pack for Medium Productivity
  • Sagomato
  • La Mille
  • Speciale
  • Full Lines